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4/16/2009: Next Meeting (Agenda)

4/16/2009: Next Meeting (Agenda)


Thursday, April 16, 2009 Hunt Gym, Stow Street, Concord, MA


1. Approval of the minutes of the March meeting.

2. Treasurer’s report.

3. Holocaust Memorial Observance update – Bridget and Steve.

4. C-CHRC finances: *Sister City Committee/501c3 filing *Filing requirements for C-CHRC

5. METCO Scholarship Fund update.

6. Drinking Gourd Project update: *Robbins/Hutchinson house *May 17th fundraiser

7. Nominating Committee report – Court

8. Annual meeting – May 21st.

9. June Potluck.

10. Adjournment.

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The Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council is a community organization of volunteers working together to foster respect, understanding, good will, and conciliation among individuals and groups in the community. It is dedicated to the belief that all people are entitled to dignity and respect. The role of the Human Rights Council is one of education and advocacy.

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