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METCO Scholarship Fund

Three former CCHS students have initiated a METCO Scholarship Fund, in memory of Abdirauf Abdullahi, a METCO student who was the tragic victim, in a case of mistaken identity, of a gang shooting in Boston just before he was due to attend college.

The Fund is being facilitated by the Human Rights Council, and headed by Danielle Laura. Their first fundraiser is scheduled for Friday, April 17, at the CCHS Auditorium – an outstanding line-up of amateur and professional performers, some of the best that Boston and Cambridge have to offer! mark the date on your calendar, and plan to attend! Tickets are now on sale at the METCO office at CCHS – call 978-341-2490 x 7118.

Please visit the website for more information or email abdullahi. if you would like to donate or volunteer. Checks should be written to Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council, with METCO Scholarship fund on the memo line. Your support is much appreciated!

The Abdirauf Abdullahi Scholarship Fund – dedicated to METCO Student Success

100% of Proceeds From Tickets and Donations Benefit The Abdirauf Abdullahi Scholarship Fund

  1. $15 donation receives 1 general seating ticket *

  2. $50 donation receives 1 VIP ticket (reserved seat w/ gift bag) *

  3. $5 kids ticket

Tax-deductible Donations

Whether you plan to come to the Show, or simply want to donate, please make your check payable to the Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council and write on the memo line of your check METCO Scholarship Fund.

(* special thanks to the CC Human Rights Council for partnering with us as we establish ourselves in the community!)


  1. This scholarship fund is unique for two reasons:

  2. First, the board of directors is made up of recent college grads, alumni of Concord Carlisle High School (CCHS), who having benefited from scholarships themselves, wish to offer educational opportunity to others.

  3. Second, aside from raising money to support this cause, the Fund aims to raise important conversations about urban violence, urban education, and race relations.


  1. Abdirauf Abdullahi was killed in 2006 soon after graduating from CCHS. His family had migrated from Somalia to Boston, and he enrolled at CCHS through the METCO program. Abdirauf benefited greatly from the METCO Program and graduated in June 2006 with a full scholarship to the University of Charleston, West Virginia. Yet, just weeks before he was to board a plane for college, Abdirauf (age 19) was fatally shot about 100 yards from his home, a victim of urban violence.

  2. The fund is named on behalf of Abdirauf Abdullahi in order to honor his work and commitment to excellence, as well as paying intellectual tribute to the causes of his death, including urban violence, urban education, and race relations. As a growing community, we can engage people of all ages in these topics of conversation and move towards social justice.


  1. Influenced by her experience with the METCO program and its participants, Danielle Laura attended New York University to study “Social Justice & Education.”

  2. Upon graduating in 2008, she obtained a grant awarded to her as seed money for a scholarship fund that would benefit METCO students graduating from Concord-Carlisle high school in Concord, MA.

  3. During the Fall of 2008, Danielle collaborated with the Director and Coordinator of Concord’s METCO program to bring the scholarship to current METCO seniors.

  4. Danielle recruited Charisse Gilmer and Cherisa Hernandez, METCO & CCHS alum, to join her in creating a social justice movement through fundraising. Charisse and Cherisa bring both personal experience and a strong professional skill set to the Board of Directors for the Fund.

  5. The scholarship application was officially delivered to students on February 9, 2009. Completed applications will be received by March 9, 2009, and the recipient will be awarded his/her scholarship on April 17th at our benefit performance!

* Special thanks to Polly Attwood, Kimberly Bovell, Barbara Burgos, Diana Calabro, & Fiddle Walton for going out of their way to make this endeavor a long term success!

Concord Ticket Locations:

Monday-Friday, during school hours (April 6. 2009 -April 17, 2009)

CCHS (METCO Office) Peabody & Sanborn Middle Schools Alcott, Thoreau, & Willard Elementary West Concord 5 & 10

Boston Ticket Location & Times:

40 Dimock Street, METCO, Inc.

4/2 6-7:30pm 4/6 6-8pm 4/9 6-8pm 4/14 5-6pm

This show will be the highlight of many people’s Spring Break, if not a great way to kick it off! Please donate and pickup tickets at your earliest convenience so that you’re sure to get a seat! The Abdirauf Abdullahi Scholarship Fund is grateful to the Concord/Carlisle/Boston community for all of its support in our first year. We look forward to celebrating New Beginnings with you at the benefit performance!

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