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About Us


The Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council is a community organization of volunteers working together to foster respect, understanding, good will, and conciliation among individuals and groups in the community. It is dedicated to the belief that all people are entitled to dignity and respect. The role of the Human Rights Council is one of education and advocacy. Meet the Board and Members.

The role of the Human Rights Council is one of education and advocacy. Through representatives on its Executive Committee the Human Rights Council provides an opportunity for many community groups to network their activities, working together toward common goals.

Membership in the Human Rights Council is open to all persons living or working in, or in close association with the Concord-Carlisle community.

The Human Rights Council serves as the liaison with local, national, and international human rights observances.

We meet monthly. Email us at All are welcome!

Statement of Human Rights

  • We, citizens of Concord and Carlisle, dedicated to the belief that all persons are entitled to a sense of dignity and an ingrained respect for individuals as human beings, have gathered to form a Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council

  • Its purpose will be to foster good will, cooperation, understanding, conciliation, and to work toward personal and community enrichment, so that no individual rights are abridged.

  • This must not only be the place where it all began, but also where it all continues, where the flame of democracy burns with a special brightness.

  • We declare it to be the solemn duty of all our citizens to nurture in our children and ourselves the precious openness of heart that is the source of all understanding.

  • We will work to help the organizations and institutions of our communities reflect a spirit of cooperation and good will in their policies and programs.

  • We pledge ourselves to live and work toward the spirit of neighborliness upon which our communities were first founded.


Est: 1978
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