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Above the Clouds

Climate for Freedom Award Recipients

For more information on these amazing organizations, click here:
2022: Concord Middle School Gender and Sexuality Alliance
2022: Concord Carlisle High School Spectrum Club
2019: The Robbins House
2016: The Nature Connection
2014: Gaining Ground
2012: Communities for Restorative Justice
2010: Minuteman Arc
2008: P-Flag
2006: The Greeley Foundation
2004: Domestic Violence Victims Assistance Program
2002: Concord Prison Outreach
2001: Open Table
2000: METCO
1999: Cooperating Family Council of the METCO Program
1998: Open Table
1997: Concord Prison Outreach
1995: Concord Police Department

Created in 1995, the Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council's “Climate For Freedom” award is given to an organization in Concord or Carlisle to recognize that group’s special achievement in advancing human rights at the local level. In order to meet the criteria for the Climate For Freedom award, the organization must have made an outstanding contribution in at least one of the following areas: advocacy to protect the rights of a specially disadvantaged group or victims of a human rights crime; reaching out and including a minority group in its programs; promoting cross-cultural understanding; or, promoting understanding and accord between parties in conflict. 

We invite nominations from the community – if you have seen an organization or group that deserves recognition, please forward a nomination to the Concord-Carlisle Human Rights Council, P.O. Box 744, Concord MA 01742 or email

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