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27th Annual MLK Jr. Celebration

By Louisa Paushter

The CCHRC, together Concord Carlisle High School’s METCO* Department, sponsored our 27th Annual MLK, Jr. Celebration in January. This year’s event was held at Concord Carlisle High School, and had a different format this year, featuring new musical groups and performers.

Boston-based adult a capella singing group, The Works, and a CCHS student a capella group, Take Notes, performed wonderfully, with spirit and feeling. Ron Jones, of Dialogues of Diversity (DOD), a local social justice and diversity theater company, performed his inspiring one-person show entitled “The Movement: 50 Years of Love and Struggle.” The DOD website describes The Movement as “a visual chronicle which highlights many of the political, social and cultural markers of the roughly 50 years since passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” Moving, thought-provoking, difficult and inspiring, the show was masterfully performed by Jones who “weaves the struggles and triumphs” of generations of African Ameri-cans. At the end of the evening’s performance and the Q&A that followed, the 160 or so attendees left with a greater understanding of the positive impact of in-terracial relationships between communities; in this case, the Concord-Carlisle and Boston communities.

We are grateful for METCO’s co-sponsorship of this event.

*Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity, Inc.

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