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3/5/2010 – Traces of the Trade Event

Join us Friday, March 5, 2010

Join us for a screening of the documentary The Traces of the Trade: A story from the Deep North featuring a discussion by Dain and Constance Perry, DeWolfe family member who talk about their family legacy of slave trading.

Benefitting the Caesar Robbins Educational Center

This award-winning film documents one family’s journey to retrace their legacy of Northern slave-trading — from their old hometown in Rhode Island to slave forts in Ghana to sugar plantation ruins in Cuba, and their powerful & inspiring message of restorative justice. A discussion led by family members follows.

When: Friday, March 5th, 5:30 pm |

Reception with Food & Wine

Where: At the Concord Art Association/Underground Railroad station

What: is Concord’s Untold Revolution?!

  1. the amazing stories of our early African residents — their struggle for freedom, their contributions and their triumphs

  2. together with heroic stories of the well & lesser known abolitionists in Concord: Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Mary Brooks, Ann Bigelow, so many more…

  3. the effort to save the Caesar Robbins house, built in 1780 by one of Concord’s earliest freed slaves and Revolutionary War Patriot, now for sale

  4. and the mission to move his house near its original site by the Old Manse and capture these untold stories in a Robbins House Educational Center for our students, scouts, visitors and all to hear!

Donations are needed to help secure the Caesar Robbins house before April’s town meeting, so that Community Preservation Act funds can be passed for its preservation in Article #35 & the town is allowed to lease land next to the North Bridge parking lot for its future site, Article #36. Come March 5th to learn more.

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