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Board member attends impactful local event

by Lousia Paushter

In July 2017, Temple Isaiah in Lexington hosted Greater Boston Interfaith Organization’s “Out of Many, One: Teach-In and Solidarity with the Boston Muslim Community.” One purpose was to focus on the many elements that can unite us, at a time when so much of what we hear seems focused on what can divide us. Another was to learn about how to support Muslims in these troubling times. The event was a question and answer format. The first person interviewed was a Muslim man who was asked about his experiences growing up in the mid-west and now living in Boston. He discussed Muslim family life and addressed common misconceptions. He talked about how Islam is a peaceful religion and Muslims want the same thing as everyone else, such as happy, healthy families and a peaceful world. What was missing from this part of the event were the views of a Muslim woman.

Next, two Muslim Lawyers, one male and one female, from the Muslim Justice League, were asked about what the community can do to support them. They encouraged people to reach out and get to know Muslims personally. They also explained that a donation of even one dollar to a Muslim organization will get one’s name on the organization’s list as a supporter. Being a supporter is more important than the amount of the financial donation, as it is the advocacy for and greater understanding of the Muslim community that is so in need. The Temple’s room was packed with an attentive audience. Overall, the event was hopeful, enlightening and inspiring.

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