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CCHRC Meeting Minutes: 2 January 2008

The meeting took place in the Concord Free Public Library community room, on Wednesday January 2nd, 2008 Attending were Polly Attwood, Court Booth, Steve Zippin, Liz Clayton Sugarman, Molly Carocci, Diana Hughes Budreau.

1) The minutes for November lacked the names of two people present, Lorell and Liz. Apart from this, the Minutes were approved.

2) Treasurer’s report, presented by Steve: As of November 30th 2007, CCHRC had a balance of $1340, the Black Heritage Trail had $100, and Sister City had $6,272, giving a total of $7713. As of December 31, 2007, the balances were $1454, $625 and $6272 respectively, giving a total of $8352. Steve will contact Alan Roven to link 2007/08 accounts to previous Quicken accounts for IRS purposes – Form PC to be linked to Federal form 990ez. Suggestion made by Court that CCHRC buy a copy of Quicken for $40.

3) Town report: Polly is doing this, and will include photos of the Black History Trail.

4) MLK event: Kristin is organizing it. Program details – program will be at Thoreau School on Thursday January 17th, 7pmIt will include the Boston Children’s Chorus, Willard School (Fifth grade?) student chorus, and the High School Step Club. Polly will MC, and will make a brief presentation on the “Concord Black History Trail?”. Publicity – (did anyone decide who was doing what, when?) CCTV? Set-up and clean – 6.30 pm. Drinks (water bottles – Steve). Set up a table with CCHRC information. Costs: $150 for a METCO bus, transportation cost for Boston Children’s Chorus, …

5) Holocaust Memorial Event: Steve will talk to Bridget who is heading the event. We need to talk to the Selectman representative to be invited to do the event! Steve will then book the Town House for Sunday May 4th. Chai the speaker and Rosalie the musician will each be offered $200 honorarium. Court will circulate flyers.

6) Annual meeting: Diana will generate a list of potential members for nomination – Ideally, one from each of the dozen related human rights-related organizations in the town. She has an initial list and will contact individuals, and welcomes suggestions.

7) Climate for Freedom Award committee: we need to canvas for organizations/speakers Polly has the schedule from previous years: we need to form a committee (? Molly, Kristin, Kathy Medeiros, Liz and Diana?) to work fast to identify potential recipients, generate 6-7 nominees, present to judges (past CCHRC presidents) before April; contact organizations so they can choose their speaker.. Get it done by May/Summer.

8 ) Newsletter – Liz. With School Vacation starting April 21st, and the Holocaust memorial on May 4th, Contributions should be in to Liz by March 10th. Apparently there are no current human rights issues to report on in Concord; there will be reports on the Holocaust event, the MLK event, and on the Black History Trail. The check for mailing will be needed early in March.

9) Other business – Picnic in the Park – July 4th is a Friday in 2008, so light attendance is expected. Steve will provide water, Polly the games (?). The reservation form comes out in June to Polly – it’s $30 to register, and we’ll request 2 tables and 4 chairs(?).

10) Next meeting Wednesday February 6th, in the lower level community room at the Concord Free Public Library.

Minutes drafted by Diana. 1/2/2008.

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