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Concord Prison Outreach Holiday Gift Project

The annual Holiday Gift Project sponsored by Concord Prison Outreach is now in progress. For some thirty years, area residents have been remembering our incarcerated neighbors at the holiday time, to let them know that they are not entirely forgotten by those on the “outside”. Of all the gifts you buy these may be the most appreciated. For some it may be the only gift they receive. Each of the 1740 inmates receives a gift bag containing:

  1. 1 bar of deodorant soap

  2. 1 6-oz. tube of toothpaste

  3. 1 pack #6 envelopes (6″ x 3 5/7″)

  4. 1 writing pad (6″ x 9″, no wire)

  5. 1 pair of white socks (no tube/knee high)

  6. 1 plastic bottle shampoo (15oz max)

  7. 1 stick deodorant (no roll-ons)

  8. 1 pocket calendar (no wire)

  9. and a holiday greeting card (Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas — no religious cards), signed with first name(s) only. Homemade cards are especially appreciated.

Donations of the above items are welcome in any quantity. They do not have to be in sets. Volunteers are needed to assist with the project beginning on Monday, Nov. 24th, from 9 am-12:30 pm. Please call Beverly Duncan (978-562-5075) or Carol Miller (978- 369-3755) to sign up and/or for more information. This is a wonderful project for a faith group, family, scout troop, or club, as well as individuals. We especially hope that every inmate can receive a greeting card with a personal touch. Please remember that no last names or addresses should be included on the cards.

Gift bag items may be delivered to: Trinity Church Elm St. & River St., at the River St. entrance beginning November 24th

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