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METCO Update from the Family Friends Council

by Polly Attwood

In the midst of the hectic rush of back to school events, the Family Friends set up the ‘Welcome Back’ picnic for the Boston and Concord buddies and their families. I admit to a couple of moments wondering why we would inflict yet another event to everyone’s jam-packed calendar, but the answer is always clear. Yes, we do it so that the kids can have a chance to get together and have fun, but one big reason is to get the parents together. Some already know each other from past years, and it is a good opportunity to reconnect and strengthen the friendships. Others, new to the program, come to meet and make friends with their children’s Concord/Boston buddies. Our hope is that it will always be a way to begin the connectedness to the school and the community for the Boston family, so important for their children’s experience and success in Concord.

This year’s picnic was great! Many families, juggling soccer games and other activities, arrived at the Alcott School where the children had a host of activities to enjoy – a Moonbounce (always popular), face-painting, kite-flying, plenty of pizza and – highlight of the day – pony rides! The two ponies and one horse were supplied by Rivers Edge Farm, and the kids couldn’t wait to try a ride around the field. It was so popular that I think we will have to make it a regular feature of the picnic. There were even a couple of parents who couldn’t resist trying it!

Thank you to all the members of the community who have supported METCO over the years – let me tell you – the program is healthy, thriving, and the rewards are huge, both for the students themselves, and for the school system as a whole.

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