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Next Meeting: Thursday, November 20th, 2008


  1. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting

  2. Treasurer’s report

  3. Human Rights Day Breakfast update:

  4. Program

  5. Publicity

  6. Set-up/clean-up

  7. Plaque

  8. MLK event update

  9. Program

  10. Publicity – Journal, Calendar, Schools, CCTV; fliers

  11. Expenses

  12. Set-up/clean-up

  13. Newsletter (thank you, Liz)

  14. Send to website

  15. Holocaust Memorial Observance update

  16. Speaker

  17. Clergy

  18. Rosalie Gerut

  19. Nominating committee

  20. Any other business

  21. Adjournment of regular meeting

  22. Executive Session (Officers only, please)

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