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Rachel’s Box project – Source of Support & Hope for Domestic Violence Victims

Often cited as our nation’s number one public health issue, domestic violence has neither economic, ethnic, nor culture barriers. “Rachel’s Box project” maintains an active part of the Concord area domestic violence prevention efforts. many of Concord’s public buildings host a Rachel’s Box, each one a vital unit containing material appropriate to its institutional setting.

Churches, public libraries, our Town House, police Department, as well as a number of retailers offer specific materials depending upon the institutional or constituent focus. All of Concord’s schools, from elementary to Concord-Carlisle High School host a Rachel’s Box, located in nurses’ offices or the guidance office. These specially designed wooden boxes provide victim assistance resource and informational material, support and volunteer information, and a place to insert local violence prevention activities and program flyers.

Nancy James designed Rachel’s Box project in 1995 with support and assistance from the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters, Concord’s Chief of police Leonard Wetherbee, (who is acknowledged to have had an early understanding of the complex issues of domestic violence), Senator Pamela Resor, (who gave her entire pay raise in the mid-1990’s to help fund the Rachel’s Box project), and the Reverend Doctor John Lombard, whose Trinitarian Congregational church has hosted the first and every subsequent Rachel’s Box rededication.

Currently, Rachel’s Boxes have expanded from the original 20 boxes to 50 throughout the western suburban area. Law enforcement acknowledges the enormous impact those quiet sentinels make in our community. Volunteers from domestic violence support networks help to keep current materials in the boxes.

For more information, call: 978-369-2771.

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