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Recommended Movies & Books about the Holocaust

by Molly Carocci


Secret Courage: The Walter Suskind Story, by Carlisle locals Tim & Karen Morse Walter Suskind helped orchestrate the escape of close to 1000 Dutch children who were marked for transport to the death camps; told by five of the saved children.

Paper Clips, by Linda Hooper The story of children at a Tennessee middle school who decided to collect 6 million paper clips in order to understand the magnitude of the Holocaust. (All ages)

Holocaust: Theresienstadt, introduction by Simon Wiesenthal The story of the “model camp,” known as Terezin.

Books for Children:

6 Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children’s Holocaust Memorial, by Peter W. Schroeder (grades 4 -8)

I Never Saw Another Butterfly, by Hana Volavkova Poems and pictures by the children imprisoned in the Terezin camp. (grades 4 -8)

Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust, by Eve Bunting An allegory using animals to teach about fighting injustice and discrimination. (grades K -3)

The Butterfly, by Patricia Polacco Two young French girls, one of whom is Jewish and is being hidden by the other girl’s mother, become secret friends. A true story. (grades K-3)

Books for Adults:

Saving the Jews: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Holocaust, by Robert Rosen, Gerhard Weinberg, and Alan Dershowitz

The Righteous Among the Nations: Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust, by Mordecai Paldiel The story of Yad Vashem, the organization that honors non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews.

The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million, by Daniel Mendelsohn The author, a successful novelist, searched for evidence of his relatives’ disappearance from their small village in the Ukraine during the Holocaust.

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