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Remembering Marty Martini by Polly Attwood

Concord has lost a committed and staunch advocate for human rights. The sudden and unexpected death of Marty Martini is a great blow to all those who knew him. I didn’t know him well, but what I knew of him was very impressive. His Directorship and leadership of Minuteman Arc contributed enormously to that organization’s success in providing services and support to disabled children, youth and adults, as well as to their families. Marty led an effort to make the community important in his work, seeing that involving the community itself in programs and services would hasten the acceptance into the community of his clients.

It was his efforts and leadership which prompted the CCHRC to give Minuteman Arc last year’s ‘Climate for Freedom Award’, to recognize the efforts in supporting a climate of freedom for all in the community. We know that his initiatives will continue, and that his inspiration lives on in the work of Minuteman Arc, as well as in the community, wherever he touched the minds and hearts of individuals here. Thank you, Marty, for your work, your commitment, and for your life. You continue to be a blessing. We will try to emulate your compassion and energy.

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