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5/17/2009: Come back in time with us!

The Drinking Gourd Project

Africans, Abolitionists and Women of Concord, MA in the 17th-19th Century

The Drinking Gourd Project presents a “walk” through lost history, unearthing the stories of ordinary people who led heroic lives

Sunday, May 17th, 3:00 pm* First Parish Church 20 Lexington Road Concord, Massachusetts

Keynote speaker Elise Lemire

Elise Lemire, author of Black Walden: Slavery and Its Aftermath in Concord, Massachusetts.

Experience history with a lively reenactment of a Middlesex County Anti-Slavery Society (MCASS) meeting.

Special guests include * Frederick Douglass * Harriet Tubman * Louisa May Alcott * Mary Merrick Brooks * Ann Bigelow * Henry David Thoreau

* After the event, Elise Lemire will lead a guided tour through Walden Woods.

RSVP by May 15th, 2009

Call Susan Ryan at 978-371-9507 or email your response to drinkinggourd@cchumanrights.org

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